ABOUT HHC|Thermoplastic elastomer material(TPE/TPS/TPR)-Ho Hsiang Ching



HHC was established in 2007 and with our many years of experience, we start up the manufacturing of TPE/TPS materials with a lean but efficient team in Taichung Wuri. We serve our customers by providing high quality and professional production.

When first established, in the spirit of research and innovation, we invested in precision instruments and equipment, which eventually soaring to an expert and innovative level. A humble attitude and excellent customer support gradually turned HHC from a small-scale business into one that currently potential and professional factory.

Our factory is a hydrogenated class series (SEBS, Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene) thermoplastic elastomer (TPE / TPS) factory. We are capable of producing all kinds of customized physical properties of materials for clients. We also collaborate with customers to develop products (TPE / TPS) with a widely range of applications.

We have an amazing team. We maximize efficiency through cooperation and organization. For our employees, their physical health and a safe working environment are our main concerns. We believe in letting team value create customer value! For our customers, HHC continuously puts passion and care into the fields of professional production and customer service.

Thanks to all of our customers for their support and guidance! HHC will always focus on its professional goals and services, and do our best to create value for our customers!



We have an excellent team! We maximize efficiency through good cooperation and division. For employees, healthy body and a safe working environment are our main concerns. The only way for an enterprise to grow successfully is to truly care about each and every employee.



The global geographical distribution of thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE / TPS) shows that maximum usage is in Europe and the Americas; including foreign sales in other markets, the most common applications are household consumer goods, industrial supplies and home accessories.


Areas of the material end-users


TPE / TPS Material Applications



Increasingly popular industrial and commercial activities have resulted in global warming. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution is causing the Earth's temperature to constantly going up. Current climate anomalies and frequent natural disasters have not only affected people’s lives, but have also reduced the regenerative capacity of the Earth. In addition to environmental pollution, our food chain has also been affected and polluted.

For many years, people have talked about food wars and food crises; this not only represents food shortages in the future, but is also a sign of the environmental changes in plant cultivation and animal rearing methods. Human lifestyles are also changing.

Recently, some countries have been actively committed to reducing the carbon footprint, through the tree replanting or by searching for alternative resources. The concept of "Earth Friendly" did not appear until recently. These new ideas indicate that we have begun to establish an environmental conscience.

HHC fulfills its social responsibilities; our mission is to protect the environment and care for the earth. In addition to improving the existing supply of environmentally friendly materials, we also actively strengthen the development of industrial TPE / TPS related materials. We have combined environmental concepts and implemented them throughout manufacturing, development and marketing. In the meantime, we are strengthening our professional staff training for global growth towards an international market with a spacious perspective.

Our visions are:
★ Create a safe working environment in which people can be most productive.
★Make professional production materials the first choice for customers and provide customers with the best solutions for their problems.
★ Provide better solutions and innovative thinking to improve environmental safety, protection and maintenance of the environment.