Introduction of TPE/TPS/TPV/TPU/TPEE、Characteristics、Applications-Ho Hsiang Ching

Introduction of TPE

Thermoplastic elastomer, often referred to as TPE, is an elastomeric material with a softer and more flexible texture than plastic. “TPE” encompasses a large range of concepts. TPE can be divided into several categories because of its different chemical compositions and combinations. We will only describe the following four categories (Please see below).

As for its characteristics, the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is similar to rubber, which is good for plastics processing. It is highly elastic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe. It does not need to be vulcanized, and it has excellent coloring, weather resistance and other such properties. Its production process is simple and cost down, and is recyclable. It can be molded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS or PA (Nylon) through integration or separately.


Different composition