Care and Responsibility|Thermoplastic elastomer material(TPE/TPS/TPR)-Ho Hsiang Ching

Care and Responsibility

Materials are the foundation of all industries! It is our duty to provide suitable materials, and the right materials are also the root of environmental protection. For material safety, we do not use any harmful substances that damage our environment. Furthermore, we are doing our best ensure Earth friendly ideas and carry out green industrial practices!

To continue being sustainable in the future, we always keep an open-minded attitude and are eager to learn. This mindset also helps us to cope with the change in international market trends. Therefore, HHC is enthusiastic to continuously develop and resolve the resource issues in the future.

In our effective green manufacturing process, the scrapped materials can be recycled and re-purposed; furthermore, we cooperate with our clients to utilize TPE/TPS and its environmentally friendly properties to create new markets.

Because we care about resources, respect human rights and develop professional technology, we also care about our working environment. HHC pays a great deal of attention to work safety and risk prevention.
We are an innovative and sustainable development-oriented company that provides the best material solutions to our customers.