TPE / TPS Overseas Agents、Distributors-Ho Hsiang Ching

Overseas Agents/Distributors Wanted

These materials have infinite applications, and good products are always based on good materials. HHC is very experienced in TPE/TPS manufacturing for many years, and we provide a variety of complete services and extensive applications on demand! Innovation and R & D concepts combined with excellent quality moved us towards sustainable development. We are actively seeking agents/distributors from all fields with experience and enthusiasm.

HHC adheres to good grain manufacturing and always works together with you! Join us to be an overseas agent/distributor and let's all cooperate to create and expand the material utilization and global markets.

HHC provides the following services for overseas agents/distributors:
1. Assists with unfamiliar market development.
2. Technology and innovation support.
3. New products launch and promotion.
4. Market area and rule definition.
5. Customer service system resource sharing.