TPV Thermoplastic Vulcanizate-Ho Hsiang Ching

TPV Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

TPV Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

TPV material does not need to be vulcanized in the process, it is easy to process with good performance and coloring, and it has natural rubber advantages of elasticity and durability, and can be combined with PP,PE,EVA or other materials for injection molding, blowing molding and extrusion molding machine in processing. This material is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


TPV hardness range: SHORE 25 A ~ SHORE 70 D


This series complies with EU RoHS regulations.


1. Automotive industry: automotive seals, anti-dust covers, bumpers, fenders, etc.
2. Consumer goods: hand tools, power tools, medical appliances, bathroom supplies and types of packaging.
3. Electronic wire: insulating sleeves, wires and cables.
4. Industrial: all kinds of sealing strips.